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Libaan Logistics formed with a single goal:

to offer competitive and comprehensive supply chain solutions.


Libaan Logistics’ goal is to provide the highest level of transportation services, as well as safe and timely deliveries with fair and competitive pricing, while maintaining integrity and honesty with customers and business partners. We focus on all aspects that relate to the multimodal transport. The services we provide are categorized as “per customer’s needs”, a perfect balance between budgets and requested delivery date.  


We insure safe delivery of goods to its destinations locally, regionally and internationally. 

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Trans and Fleet
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Libaan Logistics provides a “one-stop-solution” to meet all of your supply chain, transportation, project logistics, and procurement requirements. Are you looking to relocate/transport goods across the region by land, air, or sea? Do you need help sourcing and purchasing goods and services from a third-party vendor or supplier locally or internationally? We have the capability, expertise and experience to make it happen.


Our clients will get personalized service at every level because we are truly independent and make our own decisions based on the needs, requests, and requirements from our customers.



Libaan Logistics simplifies your Import, Export and Transit customs processing by clearing all commercial and non-commercial humanitarian cargo with exempted tax documents. Our customs clearance team members are dedicated to complete all the necessary procedures and documentations of all types of shipments, and its customs clearances to avoid any cargo delays and costs associated by obtaining proper licensing and permits.

The services we provide are categorized as per customer’s needs; a perfect balance between budgets and to insure safe delivery of goods to its’ destinations, locally, regionally and internationally. 

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Import Export

Libaan Logistics offers warehousing and distribution services tailored to fit your specific needs. We can provide a full menu of services both nationally and globally by allowing our customers both big and small to maximize the efficiency of their individual supply chain. No matter what size product you are distributing – from the smallest packages to oversized cargo, we have the right storage for you.


We can handle product deliveries via Full Truck Loads (FTL), Less than Truck Loads (LTL) or parcels to suit your requirements.


Libaan Logistics general consulting services is backed by a global & regional network of professionals with expertise in development and outsourcing centers from different industries. Our strategic services meet the needs of all types of clients - and deliver lasting changes with measurable growth.


Our consultants are experts and knowledgeable of the markets in the respective industries, and provide the best services through their extensive experience. Whatever your consulting needs are, we are happy to provide assistance.

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General Consulting
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